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The Company
AVI is committed to excellence, taking car audio in directions that seemed impossible until very recently. The AVI product range has expanded considerably since its introduction, usually in response to certain demands from audiophiles. New products have been designed and developed using a blend of high technology and applied listening.

Before the first AVI loudspeaker was made commercially available, our research team built and tested over a hundred prototypes, re-testing and improving each generation. While other companies are copying our old designs, we've been busy desiging new speaker technology and break-throughs. New Cast aluminum chassis with patented heat-exchangers are standard on all new subwoofers, which are available in either 2, 4, or 8 Ohms. AVI has introduced the world's first neodymium magnet mid-device, the first 24 dB crossover, the first point source co-axial car speaker, and as well as a remarkable dual magnet, dual voice coil subwoofer that works superbly in a tiny enclosure. Truely innovative loudspeakers, all hand-built for the discerning listener by AVI.

The long list of IASCA Autosound competition winners using AVI loudspeakers runs into the hundreds. The same accuracy and fidelity that wins the world's most demanding car audio competitions is also available to you. If you care about sound, we highly recommend that you audition our speakers--if only to hear what you've been missing.

    • INDONESIA: CV.Kartika Jaya
    • NORTH EAST ASIA: J & Ted Trade
    • HONG KONG & CHINA: Audio Resources Company
    • EUROPE: Music Style (Germany)
    • AUSTRALIA: Metrosound
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